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Aug. 31st, 2010

9dancingluv Given by tails4eva

Friends only

Sorry to break this to you everyone, but there are some important issues going on with my account. Hence me making yet another sign for here, clearly stating that this live journal is now friends only.

Picture hosting: www.tinypic.com 

I am now from today, going to be screening all comments. So be warned!

Sep. 13th, 2006

hold on Made by: amberlynne(1)

Bit of promotion..

I dunno if this is allowed here, I've tried browsing through other LJ Communities, and I think this is probably this best place for it. My boyfriend has made a fanvid to Nature's Law by Embrace, with clips from the 2 series's, plus Christmas Invasion, and CIN special.

Anyways, here are the details:

Title: Nature's Law
Music: Nature's Law - Embrace
Made By: tails4eva
Pairings: 9/Rose, 10/Rose, Various

Feedback would be lovely, either on the YouTube page, or on here. Either way, Mike will be informed! 

Sep. 11th, 2006

10 Wink! Made by: aquirkofmatter

How's Your Taste in Music?

Your Taste in Music:
80's Pop: Highest Influence
90's Pop: Highest Influence
Adult Alternative: High Influence
Classic Rock: High Influence
Progressive Rock: High Influence
Goodbye Love Made by: Aurora

How Scary Are You?

You Aren't Scary, You're Scared
Probably even scared to see how this quiz came out!
Lonewolf Made by: Aurora

How Obsessive Are You?

You Are 60% Obsessive
You're somewhat obsessive, especially when it comes to a couple things (like horrifying thoughts or cleanliness).
As long as your quirks aren't interrupting your life, it's all good.
10 Wink! Made by: aquirkofmatter

How Libra Are You?

You are 53% Libra

brighter than sunshine Made by: amberlyn

How Leo Are You?

You are 47% Leo

Sep. 10th, 2006

10 Wink! Made by: aquirkofmatter

How Do You Communicate?

You Communicate With Your Ears
You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker.
What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions.
You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself.
Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.
hand!porn Made by: dawn_e_h(1)

Dating Purity Test

Your Dating Purity Score: 78%
You are an under-experienced dater.
This doesn't mean you're unexperienced - far from it.
It just means that there's a lot of romance left to discover!

Sep. 9th, 2006

hold on Made by: amberlynne(1)

Are You a Good Kisser?

Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect
Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it.
You have the confidence to make the first move.
And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best.
Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing!

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